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Using an oil less turkey fryer is technically not deep frying, as the main ingredient (aside from the turkey), the oil, is missing from the process. Of course, not using the oil has its own advantages, namely being that the dangers most commonly associated with deep fryer cooking are reduced drastically. Another upside to this process is that it reduces the mess, meaning an easier clean up and it provides further cooking options. Another bonus is that you do not have to deal with the problem of storing or throwing out the oil afterword, and the lack of oil makes it healthier overall.

Turkey Deep Fryer

As was mentioned previously, the most common reason cited for people not wanting to use a turkey deep fryer is fear of the dangers involved. It is essential to attend to personal safety when using a turkey deep fryer, as you are working with boiling oil, and should there be water vapor present in the turkey it can cause an explosion. Safety glasses, gloves, and a fire extinguisher are also highly recommended. Children should be kept well away from the process, and the deep fryer should be kept on a flat surface well away from buildings and trees. With all of the inherent dangers involved in this process, it only makes sense to look towards a fryer that removes the dangerous component of oil.



oil less turkey fryer Oil Less Turkey FryerOil Less Turkey Fryer Cooking Times

As the fryer can operate in measurements up to 18,000 BTUs, the meats cook at roughly the same rate as they do when submersed in oil. A rough approximation that works pretty well is eight to ten minutes per pound. So a sixteen pound bird will take approximately two hours to cook. That being said, it is always best to take an internal temperature reading of any meat that you cook to absolutely ensure that it has reached the required levels.

Deep Fried Turkey vs. Oil less turkey

Now we’ve already touched upon the dangers of a turkey deep fryer, namely the problems of dealing with oil at high temperatures. For those not wanting to deal with the associated risks, oil less fryer is certainly a better option, but for those less concerned about the risk another reason presents itself in the form of how the bird is prepared. By this I mean that by using the oil less method, the turkey can be better prepared with a variety of rubs and seasonings that would be lost in the oil process. Rubs can become a tasty component of the process, and other vegetables and herbs can also be included in the mix without ruining them with oil. There are even some units that allow for the addition of wood chips and the like to give it a smoky flavour. What will often happen during the process is that the skin will darken, and depending on the rubs and ingredients you use, it may even blacken. Contrary to what you might think, however, this does not necessarily mean that the skin has burnt and a quick trip to your local burger joint is inevitable. Often times, the skin will blacken and not burn, becoming perhaps the most favourable part of the bird. As has been briefly mentioned before, another advantage of oil less over oil is that in the absence of oil, the calorie and fat count are drastically reduced. On one of the many occasions where there is already an abundance of food, this healthier alternative can be deeply appreciated.

Turkey Fryers

Turkey remains an indelible part of the Thanksgiving tradition, but with the advent of turkey fryers, it has become an appealing food for all seasons. Just as appealing is staying safe, and staying healthy, both of which can be achieved by using an oil less turkey fryer.